when the day begins to break like the tears that run across your cheek

when the thoughts they race across your chin here in the neverend

the graphics journal of cloutier.

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rules & friends policy
I don't have many rules, but the few I have I hope are obeyed. I sounded like such a jerk just then. Anyway.
1. If you take any of my stuff, please credit either cloutier or intheneverend.
2. Please, do not edit any of my work in any way, shape or form.

Regarding friends, I find them pretty okay! If you like my stuff, please add me!

fandoms & muses
robert downey jr. disney & pixar. star wars. twilight. csi. house md.

images/screencaps: morguefile.com . lionking.org . downey web . screencap heaven . disney-dreams.net . i don't have [anyone but you] . stock.xchng . a7xfans . cbs.com . rdjdaily